Macron the Rothschilds banker selling the country France to globalism.


Whole europe is ruined, by Merkel she has ruined it all

Down with globalism! 
They want a war between de native EUROPAN People and de the EU AFRIKAN Migrant Redistribution Plan

Down with Macrons and Merkels !  Long live  the world  nationalism!!
All Europe and America and Africa should be doing this in mass, god bless the yellow vests and anyone who stands up to tyranny!
Burn the money printers. Force france back on to a gold based franc. 

This is a wake-up call to all the politically correct leaders who put their citizens last.

Special documentary on France's 'gilets jaunes' movement

Farage on Paris Riots, 'Disconnected' Macron: 'Goodness Knows Where This Ends'


EUROPA Poland & Hungary FIGHT The EU | Migrant Redistribution Plan | Legal Threats

"Get out of our country" - Refugee crisis in EU

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