USA more than 16 millions homeless Kids living in cars-and it's been happening all over the world!!

This is a crime against the American people!

Scott Pelley brings "60 Minutes" cameras back to central Florida to document another form of family homelessness: kids and their parents forced to live in cars.

In Greece, many families are particularly affected by the consequences of the EU forced- financial crisis. 
Many Greek families don’t know where the money for their rents is to come from. The economy is in ruins. Often only welfare organisations

 This is a crime against the European people!

Children Underground (Street Kids in Romania)

 Ethiopia's Street Children: 

 This is a crime against the Middel East people!

Their government is responsible for this, "Ethiopia" is one of the biggest consumer of world economic in the guise of charity and helping less fortunate people and all of those billions of dollars go into the pocket of that filthy regime workers.

Natural resource is unlawfully consumed by the very same govt and it is disaster. People in the countryside and in villages better survive if the have animals such as cows and goats but in these major cities the people have no one to get fund from. The government must be blamed for this and the ones who consume these poor peoples money must be blamed.

This is tragic and it's been happening all over the world!! 

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