All USA Wars Were Planned - With ISIS the armed force of the US

  Regime changes :  
And all this about a gas pipeline from Qatar to Turkey via Syria . 

The current event must be seen in the geo political context. What is happening in Syria also has to do with Iran.

Hillary Clinton "We Came, We Saw, He Died Hahaha" (Gaddafi) and you sick women destroyed Libya!!!

VS- WAR CRIMINALS for Regime change : Clinton, Bush, 0bama - and Trump? stay strong man 

Trump destroyed the ISIS caliphate in 8 months (with the help of the Russians). Trump has thus fulfilled his promise.

Trump has many times that he does not want military intervention in the Middle East and wants to withdraw.

It is precisely the political institution (both the Republicans and the Democrats) who want to stay in the Middle East. 

While Hillary was at the helm, the tension with Russia had already increased.

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned with  VS- lies - Seven Countries In Five Years

ISIS is the armed force of the US in the middle east!  De VS are the great agressor in the world.

Go team Assad, go Russia, go China en go Iran!!

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