The English are rising up and growing against terrorism in the UK.

The English are rising up

 And so it begins!
They Do what the government can not, and does not want to do !

No black / red AFA flags. No yellow Muslim Brotherhood flags. No ISIS flags.
No anit-torie banners. No Labor strokes. 
No violence.
No demonizing texts.
No indemnification of violence.

 We want civilization, real peace and security.

Main- Journalists and EU- politicians 
can keep playing their filthy games; They are all responsible for this.

Big Clubs Millwall ------ and West Ham 
now are claimed together in a finally organized resistance.


The group has distanced themselves from the EDL, insisting they are marching against terrorism in the UK.

A spokesman for the Football Lads Alliance, which organised the march in London Bridge said it was peaceful.
Elsewhere in the city, violence broke out at EDL rallies.
It has been claimed there is a “low turnout” for the anti-Islamic EDL on the streets of London, yet a massive police presence has blocked the streets with an air unit circling above.
In Birmingham up to two hundred Britain First supporters have taken to the streets to protest while a similar number got together in Liverpool.
The protests come in the wake of deadly terrorist attacks on Westminster and London Bridges and more recently close to a mosque in Finsbury Park in the north of the capital.

Er is steeds meer Europees verzet. Immigrations to Europe needs to stop!

Google eens met "Defend Europe". 
Deze groep jonge mensen gaat de mensensmokkelaars op de Middellandse Zee ontmaskeren.

Sicilian Coastguard

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