The Netherlands be the next domino to fall

Opinion poll shows Dutch opposition to the EU is strong and can win.

75% = Support Nexit  

A new party, Forum voor Democratie (FvD), which helped organise the recent Dutch Ukraine referendum is a supporter of exiting the EU and joining the European Free Trade Association:

 A second new Dutch poll commissioned by the Bruges Group, carried out by www.peil.nl, shows that more Dutch people prefer the alternatives to the European Union than they do EU membership.
So also the Libertarian party, Party for Freedom‎, Party for the Animals,
 As the alternatives are already gathering more support than EU membership a concerted campaign in the Netherlands, which could force a referendum, will mean Holland voting to leave the EU.

The Dutch general election will take place on 15th March 2017 and the question of the EU is becoming increasingly important. 
The Netherlands’ terms of EU membership are already being questioned by an increasing amount of political EU-parties-cartel; namely the Centre Democrats (Netherlands)‎, CDA Christian Union,  VVD= Reformed Political Part, the GL,  Green Left , D66  together they form the ALDE parties EU- Brussels and PvdA=Socialist Party (Netherlands). Which can make gains. Their EU-issues are more immigration and more EU . 

In past referendums in the Netherlands, people have voted for less EU:
61.6% said Nee in 2005 to the EU constitution 
and 64% voted against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in 2016.

Across the continent of Europe and beyond people want to take back control of their own NATIONAL lives.
 A concerted campaign for Nexit, along the lines that we saw in the UK, can overtime, just like it did in Britain, move the Netherlands towards the exit. 
Britain will welcome our allies, the Dutch people, in a new post-EU Europe.
And soon a Traitors tribunal




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