Juncker, Merkel, Rutte, etc..your time has come NOW !’ Tribunal launched against toxic EU

AN ORGANISATION has vowed to destroy the European Union (EU) by launching a tribunal against Jean-Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel and all other Eurocrats involved in the 28-country “illegal EU operation”
Muriel Muyres told Express.co.uk he was ready for the collapse of the EU and the establishment of a fairer system afterwards - free from officials in Brussels “breaking their own rules”. 

Mr Muyres has partnered up with Jordy Zwarts, founder of www.eutribunal.com, to “document, track and prosecute individuals” involved in the EU. After the bloc collapses they will use a “grand jury unlimited in numbers formed by the free people of Europe” to hold trials and dish out punishment. 
My Muyres, a 36-year-old political researcher who refuses to pay taxes or claim benefits, said they will prosecute for “false tax money transfers, illegal agreements and treaties” and “sacrificing lives and security to keep authority above freedom”, among other crimes. 
He said it was only a matter of time before the union collapses - although in his eyes it never really held any power.
Mr Muyres said: "EU is not only going to collapse, EU never really lived."

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