This is a shame for an US soldier

-  US Coup--criminal land grabbing Oil and resources -- in Ukraine

1-  Dutch people voted against the EU-Ukraine deal !!!!

 2, Poroshenko in America: US administration refuses to arm Ukraine against Russia 

2. "300 American soldiers have arrived in western Ukraine. In the latest dispatch, Simon Ostrovsky traveled there to find out what their mission is." "Why Are American Troops in Ukraine? -

3-  Poroshenko 'Their children will hole up in the basements...this is how we will win the war!'


5.  Dubieuze schaliegasdeal Shell met Rutte en Janoekovitsj - lozing afvalwater boringen Oekraïne

  6.   Dutch people voted against the EU-Ukraine deal !!!!

 7,  Victory for Eurosceptics as Dutch reject EU-Ukraine deal  ...

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