We Want Our Country Back- Britain First Claim Victory Over BBC's

Nigel Farage calls for Ukip unity as he declares: 'We want our country back'

Nigel Farage has told Ukip to put "country before party" and dedicate itself to its core goal of securing Britain's exit from the European Union.
The Ukip leader sent a clear message to his party's supporters and all those in favour of leaving the EU to unite for the EU referendum campaign, declaring: "We want our country back".

Delivering his keynote speech at Ukip's party conference in Doncaster, Mr Farage told activists they must grasp the once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a Brexit - a goal that he said was "dearer to my heart" even than Ukip.
He said the EU referendum could be won by offering a "big strong, positive message," hailing the decision by the Electoral Commission to force David Cameron to change the initial Yes/No question after the elections watchdog ruled it was too biased.


Nigel Farage delivers his keynote speech at the Ukip party conference in Doncaster

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